*SOLD!* "Polgari Stilus" Small Mansion for sale for 35.000,-- Euro in Dombovar, Hungary

The House, Garden, Dimensions
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The House, Garden, Dimensions

The brick house has been built somewhere around 1930 and still has most of its beautiful original details like classical doors and windows. It is a very spacious house with around 100m2 of living space and around 70m2 of further storage space. In case this would not be enough, the 100m2 attic, which is accessible by stairs from the summer kitchen can be converted into extra living space.

The layout is very traditional, the house has two main living rooms (21m2 each) in the front, a dining room (16m2) and a children's room (8m2) behind this, followed by a kitchen (11m2), a wintergarden (9m2) and a summer kitchen with storage room (18m2). When the house was originally built it did not have a bathroom, therefore it has up til now only a relatively small and simple one (4m2).

Due to its high ceilings in all rooms (3.50m) the house feels much more spacious than a comparable size modern style house, due to its numerous high windows it is a house with a lot of light. The house has therefore a very special, pleasant, atmosphere which is almost impossible to find in other houses.

Its storage space is split into two seperated buildings. The first, brick, building has two rooms (16m2 each) and a cellar (8m2), it also has an attic (32m2) on top of it. The second more simple, wooden, building (40m2) contains two garages.

The garden is split into two (500m2 each) parts, the first part is a grass playing ground alongside the house, the second part has some fruit trees and space for growing vegetables and can be found behind the garages.

Front View from the Ady Endre Utca

The house front with its classical architecture and windows

The main entrance to the house with the children's room (right)

The second entrance to the summer kitchen with on the left the storage and the wooden garages

The playground garden alongside the house

The, currently very dry, fruit and vegetable garden