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Download here the Zlarin Tourism Brochure (GB,HR) 4,5mb

Download here the Zlarin Tourist Map (GB,HR) 9,5mb (zip)

Download here the Zlarin Urbanistic Plan Map (HR) 3,5mb

Download here "Zlarin az azúrkék Adria gyermeke", Newspaper Article in Hungarian (H) 628kb


Practical Information, Introduction and Getting There:

Getting there with JADROLINIJA FERRIES (D,GB,HR,I)

General Introduction to Zlarin I (GB,HR)

General Introduction to Zlarin II (GB,HR)

General Introduction to Zlarin III (D,GB,HR,I)

General Introduction to Zlarin IV (CZ)

General Introduction to Zlarin V (PL)


Practical Information, Where to Stay, Eat and Live?:

Staying overnight in Sibenik: B&B Konoba (GB)

Places to stay: Erento Suchmachine (D)

Places to stay: Apartments Katina (CZ,D,GB,HR,I)

Places to stay: Hotel Koralj (D,GB,HR,I)

Places to stay: Apartment Marin (CZ,D,GB,HR,I)

Places to stay: Schwyter House (CZ,D,GB,HR,I)

Places to stay: Villa Viktorija (GB,HR)

Places to Stay: (Vermittlung) Maria und Christoph Schmid (CH)

Places to eat: Aldura, 4lions and Ivana restaurants (HR)



History, Art, Traditions, Activities:

General introduction to Zlarin I (GB,HR)

General introduction to Zlarin II (GB,HR)

Art from Zlarin: Photogallery I (GB)

Art from Zlarin: Photogallery II (GB)

Art from Zlarin: Olive Tree - Zlarin, Josip Lisatovic (GB)

Art from Zlarin: Ante Gregov paintings (HR)

Zlarin traditions: Women's Costume (D,GB,HR)


People from Zlarin:

Anthony Maglica, The Maglite Story (GB)

Anthony Maglica, The Maglite Foundation (GB)

Anthony Maglica, CSU Pomona Studies I (GB)

Ante Gregov, Painter (HR)

Dubravko Lepej, Painter, Scriptwriter (HR)

Jagoda Kaloper, Painter, Actress (HR)

Vesna Parun, Poet (HR)


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