The Interdiplomacy Initiative: Interconnecting Diplomacy via Internet


Wikileaks, publishing the classified cables between the US Embassies and the State Department, has damaged traditional diplomacy by seriously breaching trust. Via public awareness, Wikileaks may at the same time however have indirectly stimulated the popularity of diplomacy.

This force, in case properly channeled, can possibly counterbalance the negative disclosing effects.

The issue is how to interconnect such a force and structure it in a way that it will contribute to understanding and conflict-resolution.

Internet, offering general access to a vast range of publishing, collaboration and community building tools, can in principle be as advantageous for interconnecting diplomacy as for damaging it.

The way Interdiplomacy wants to accomplish this, is to reinforce diplomatic efforts by establishing  a common knowledge base structure under the name Dotpax in combination with four specialized social collaboration communities named Linkdiplomacy, Privatediplomacy, Opendiplomacy and Silentdiplomacy.

Interdiplomacy requires proper funding to realize these ambitious targets however and the main bottleneck will be to convince parties to cooperate and commonly contribute to a shared platform instead of focusing exclusively on promoting and financing their own separated visions.

Interdiplomacy needs to gain support here and would therefore like to get in touch with people or institutions that subscribe to its approach and want to participate in or contribute to the initiative.

In case you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Johannes Cornelis (Hans) van Nieuwkerk
+31 6 85942552