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Investing in a foreign country means investing in another culture. Projects are however in practice mostly managed via an imported business mentality. They carry the investor’s signature.

Local cultural strengths and weaknesses are seldom taken into account this way. As a result miscommunication frequently reduces the project efficiency and consequently, the success rate.

Culturon can help avoiding or reducing miscommunication. On the basis of extensive trans-cultural working experience and a self-developed communication mapping system, Culturon visualizes, explains and converts cultural differences and expectations into business strategies.

Culturon contributes to the investor's success by analyzing project communication, developing communication concepts, bridging possible communication gaps and by monitoring project results.

The services Culturon offers are universal and can be applied anywhere in the world. The current focus however is to supply project monitoring

to investors in the new EU member and candidate member states in Eastern Europe.

On this website more detailed background information can be found. In case you do not find a specific answer to your questions or if you have any further remarks or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Johannes Cornelis van Nieuwkerk

(Founder & Principal Consultant)


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