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MobiSub Subtitling for Mobile Television

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Subtitling Mobile Television, Possible or Impossible?

Handheld devices have in general too small screens to allow proper display of traditional subtitling. However in the mobile environment there is vast demand for subtitling.


The target user group ranges from deaf and HOH people via those who need language translation to viewers that do not want to use their headphones or that are watching mobile Television in a noisy environment.


In order to supply subtitling to them a new dedicated presentation format named MobiSub had to be developed. It optimizes subtitling for mobile devices and can be universally used for traditional subtitling, live subtitling and ticker-tape presentations.


The one-line format is balanced with the broadcast by its stable writing speed and highlighting structure. Together this generates a very readable result that allows sufficient retention.


For the time being the MobiSub format can only be embedded in the video broadcast since the implementation of text based subtitling standards in mobile devices is not fully clear yet.


An easy solution to use the potential of MobiSub would be to implement “classical” Teletext for mobile Television. The Teletext presentation standard fits very well to small screens and needs neither development effort nor any learning by the users.


Implementing “classical” Teletext could provide a full range of standardized information, subtitling and interactive Television services to mobile users.

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