TV-Windows, the commercial opportunities of Split-Screen Teletext


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Available Documentation:

The following, more detailed, concept descriptions and background documents are available on request (please contact us via

-1- TV-Windows Info-Bar (General Format Overview).

-2- TV-Windows Multizone (Cross Media Advertising).

-3- TV-Windows ITV-Bar (ITV Format description).

-4- TV-Windows Auction-Bar (Auction Applications).

-5- TV-Windows Edu-Bar (Distance Learning).

-6- TV-Windows meets Subtitling (Improving "live" Subtitling by applying TV-Windows presentation techniques).

-7- MobiSub Subtitling for Mobile Television (PowerPoint Simulations)

-8- DVB-Windows, a TV-Windows implementation for DVB "zapper" settop boxes (see also

-9- 2002, Vienna, Presentation for the EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising) conference on cross media: Using Teletext as a media bridge between Television and.....

-10- 2003, London, Presentation for the CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group) meeting: DVB-Windows, an open initiative to use the Analog Teletext toolbox in the Digital World.

-11- 2004, Budapest, Presentation for the EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising) Budapest Academy: Interactivity starts today, don't wait until tomorrow.

Together with the documentation a great number of TV-Windows PowerPoint simulations are available, these simulations show the individual applications.

If you have any other questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

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