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Improving "live" Subtitling via TV-Windows

TV-Windows Interactive Television presentation techniques have recently been applied to “live” (word-by-word) Teletext subtitling.


Although further viewer research has to confirm the findings, the first indication is that this greatly improves the readability of the subtitles and that viewers are enabled to more easily switch focus between the subtitles and the Television program being broadcast.


For 5-10% of the viewers (Deaf/HOH/Elderly people) subtitles are indispensable and for many others, who are watching programs in a language that is not their first language, subtitles are very useful. Finally, subtitles can also be used for offering simultaneous translation; reaching viewers not being reached otherwise.


If the general applicability of “live” subtitling can be increased, this has substantial potential. The advantage is twofold. First, “live” subtitling is up to 10 times less labor intensive to generate than pre-prepared subtitling. Second, "live" subtitling can be easily outsourced; meaning that a setup in which “live” subtitles are produced by third parties and offered as a technical signal to the broadcaster is surely feasible.


Since a great number of broadcasters are recently forced by budget cuts and income reductions to focus on their core business and since diversification into multi-channel thematic portfolios is getting stronger, such a more autonomous subtitling production approach will probably in future better suit the interests of Deaf or HOH people.


So far the TV-Windows presentation techniques have been applied to Teletext based “live” subtitling only; the results of doing so however can most likely also be implemented for DVB and all other forms of digital subtitling.

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