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Interactive Television based on TV-Windows 

Next to the ability to realize cross media relationships, TV-Windows offers a platform for the creation of interactive, enhanced Television services for Analog Television channel viewers.

One of the options it offers is to superimpose questions and answers to a broadcast program. TV-Windows target hereby is to increase viewer loyalty by offering extra facilities. These facilities will likely be offered free of charge to the viewers. Revenues are hereby derived from an increase in viewing rates (and related with this an increase in advertising revenues) rather than from the exploitation of premium rated services. If direct revenues are considered to be more important, alternatively an approach based on premium rated SMS or telephone services can be chosen.

The ITV-Bar application is not predominantly a return path based system; it is a script-based system. A question and answer script is being broadcast in parallel with the ordinary Television program. The viewers answer by Fastext, this way the system tracks its users without a direct feedback. Still the answers to questions and individual scores can be displayed to viewers. In case a return path is needed, for example with Voting or Betting applications, the intermediary results are stored and only one single number is shown at the end of entering votes or placing bets. This number has to be sent by the viewer to the Television channel, either per SMS, by phone or by accessing the broadcasters Internet web site.

A second option offered by TV-Windows is to enhance Analog Television with viewer reactions originating from SMS messages.

Finally the TV-Windows ITV-Bar platform can also be used for distance learning. The EDU-Bar application offers full multiple choice examination facilities.

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