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The People behind TV-Windows

TV-Windows is a media format developed by Hans van Nieuwkerk. Hans works as an independent Concept and Media Strategy developer since 1987 after leaving the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research where he was involved in New Media development since 1982.

Some of his previous projects have been Centraal Beheer Kijktelefoon, Hannoversche Leben Teleberatung (both interactive television projects for selling life insurance) and Kabelzeitung Bremen, Bremerhaven (a new local Television format for direct marketing). At the same time he has been a consultant to Wegener and VNU publishers.

Both Centraal Beheer Kijktelefoon and Hannoversche Leben Teleberatung have been award-winning projects. Centraal Beheer Kijktelefoon was awarded the Meetlat for direct marketing innovation in The Netherlands, Hannoversche Leben Teleberatung was awarded a Golden Telephone in Germany.

The way Hans works is that he offers independently developed Concepts and Strategies to potential customers on a copyright license/development fee basis. If customers acquire a Concept or Strategy, Hans guides them through their first implementation making sure that proper knowledge transfer takes place. During project implementation technical developments are outsourced on a specification basis to technology companies. After implementation Hans most times remains involved as a project consultant.

TV-Windows Contact Information:

Concept Development & Media Strategy Consulting
Johannes Cornelis van Nieuwkerk
GSM: +31 6 85942552  or +36 20 9877082

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TV-Windows Bet-Bar, an application to predict the ranking of football  teams: